Painted in Light

Light Capsules in Winnipeg

Five signs, back to life.

Saturday, July 29 from 9 - 11pm

Experience our history in an entirely new way as archival research is merged with projection mapping to bring back Winnipeg's ghost signs.

Thursday, July 27 at 8pm
Craig Winslow : A Discussion
Forth, 171 McDermot Avenue

Saturday, July 29 at 8pm
Live Paint - Rooftop Reception
165 McDermot Avenue


165 McDermot Avenue

James Porter and Company

Wholesale importer James Porter and Company built 165 McDermot as a storage warehouse in 1906 and sold crockery and fine china to retailers across western Canada from the location until 1943.

L. Galpern Candy Company

The L. Galpern Candy Company was founded in the 1920s by Louis Galpern and is best known for their Fine Candy brand and as a manufacturers’ agent for Milady Chocolates. They moved into 165 McDermot in 1943 and operated out of the location until 1973.

281 McDermot Avenue

Stobart, Sons and Company

Stobart, Sons and Company was founded in 1899 as a wholesale dry goods operation by English coal merchant D.W. Stobart. In 1903, Stobart branched out from dry goods and moved into manufacturing, trademarking “No. 1 Hard” as own brand of overalls and work shirts.

In 1914, Stobart opened his own mail order business called the Christie Grant Company, which operated until 1922.

Both companies ceased operations in 1939.

185 Bannatyne Avenue

Essex Packers

Essex Packers Limited was founded in 1925 in Hamilton, Ontario. By the 1950s, they had become one of the largest canned ham producers in North America and the first Canadian company to install canned good vending machines in apartment buildings. Essex Packers ceased operations in 1975.

Robinson & Webber

Robinson and Webber was founded in 1919 as a paint and chemical supply firm, selling their products under their flagship brand names Goldex and Glashine. They moved to 185 Bannatyne in 1955, remained there until the 1980s and are still in operation today under the name RW Consumer Products.


This summer, former Adobe Creative Resident and Portland, Oregon native Craig Winslow will bring his Light Capsules project north of the border to help shine a light on Winnipeg's fading ads.

The process draws on archival photos and modern technology to recreate these promotional pieces. Each sign is photographed, stitched in Photoshop, vectorized in Illustrator, animated in After Effects and then projected onto the original wall with MadMapper.

Matt Cohen

Matt Cohen is a creative director, urban archeologist and the driving force behind Since 2014, he's been documenting and promoting Winnipeg's fading promotional signage through Exchange District walking tours and most recently, a TEDx talk.

Craig Winslow

Craig Winslow is an experiential designer with a passion for blending the physical and digital. He recently completed a year-long stint as an Adobe Creative Resident, bringing dozens of fading ads back to life across the United States and UK. You can explore more of his work at


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